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Legal terms

1 - Ownership and social order

The General Conditions (hereinafter the "General Conditions") are intended to regulate the terms of use and use of the Internet portal located at the address (hereinafter "the Site" or "MilitariaBCN") and which the company holds Militaria Barcelona Prat Xavier Andreu i Prat established in C / Bruc, 89 - 08009 Barcelona, ​​with 36559672e NIF. and the object of which is the collection, preparation and dissemination of information through the Internet and the marketing and sale of collectibles.

The above website has been developed, created and designed by Tirabol Productions, Ltd., to raise awareness and provide access to information, with the restrictions and limitations imposed by these General Terms and allow and facilitate access in other pages which the Portal has ideological relations, business, professional or otherwise.

The mere use of the site, attributed to anyone who uses it, the condition of user (hereinafter "User"), who acknowledge and accept without reserve or exception, every one of the General Conditions in this document exposed to.

Through the Portal MilitariaBCN be provided to all users, the ability to access content, services and other information concerning the purpose of this entity. These general conditions constitute the full agreement between the parties with respect to transactions on-line MilitariaBCN and their customers.

MilitariaBCN is entitled to unilaterally amend all and every attentive obligations in these Conditions, without prior notice. Also is able to restructure, modify or delete any information, services or content on the Site, without notice. Changing any of these conditions for a particular case is only valid when it has been recorded in writing and signed the legal representatives of each party.

2 - Rights and Obligations of the User

2.1-Conditions for Access and Use

Through the direction set in MilitariaBCN anyone can have free access to information contained in that website.

The conditions of access to the Website are subject to the laws in force at all times and as to the principles of good faith and lawful use of the User, expressly and categorically prohibited any action which might undermine or damage the Website or of others. .

The Portal does not require prior subscription for simple navigation, access or use of this service. In contrast, for access to certain content and services, require prior subscription and registration for users (hereinafter "Registered User"). As far as the processing of personal data relates, see Privacy Policy MilitariaBCN.

3 - Content Portal sell military collectables

The Portal's primary goal is to provide an information service and distribution of products and services.

It defined itself as "portal MilitariaBCN sell military military collectables."

This database is owned by MilitariaBCN and contains all the necessary information that the client might need and an update consists of prices, full technical description etc. ..

The information provided does not have to be considered at any time or complete or exhaustive because of the wide range of products and services in the sector. Meanwhile MilitariaBCN try as far as possible to constantly update the prices of products through constant communication with suppliers and fabricators.

MilitariaBCN states that the product offered is usually correspond with the picture and description. However it is exempt from liability for those cases in which for any technical or human error mistakes or variations in the photograph, description and price. It was also revealed that the photographs are for guidance and there may be some variations in the physical appearance that respects but without undermining the integrity and characteristics of the product ordered.

MilitariaBCN is exempt from the content, information, opinions or comments broadcast via its portal or liable for any use that the user of this information.

3.1-MilitariaBCN Rights and Obligations

MilitariaBCN solely liable for the services provided by it and its contents directly originated by the Portal and identified with the corresponding copyright.

MilitariaBCN is committed to the adoption of means and measures necessary to ensure the security and privacy of communications. No answer when taken with the relevant security measures, these were violated by outsiders.

MilitariaBCN not be responsible or even indirectly or indirectly, for any content, information, opinion or statement of any kind, having its origin in the User or third persons or entities that have access, transmit, communicate, treat, exhibit or sell this information on the ownership of MilitariaBCN Portal.

MilitariaBCN reserves the right to temporarily suspend the service without notice to User, as necessary to carry out maintenance, upgrade or improve the service. It may also modify the conditions of access specific content location I member of the Portal, as well as prevent, restrict, block, delete or withdraw access to services to users when they have not done a fair use, honest and diligent services on the site. In the same vein may remove, block or restrict the use of the contents posted by third parties that are illegal, racist crime, apology of terrorism, violation of human rights, defamatory, pornographic, constituting fraud or otherwise in violation applicable laws or regulations either national or international.

MilitariaBCN not ensure permanent availability and continuity of the Website due to interruptions, failures and so on. nor liable for any damages that may cause to users by computer viruses or external agents that third parties may place on the Site or electronic documents and files stored in the computer system.

The Portal makes available to users certain tools such as buttons, banners, links or links that allow the user to access other sites related to the purpose of the Website or different. The installation of these tools are designed to provide ultimate ease of navigation and the user is not liable MilitariaBCN of the sites to which the user accesses through its website, as far as the law may affect Honor. For all that will be the User who, under his own responsibility accessed through these hyperlinks. For its part MilitariaBCN try as far as possible to check these links, restricting, blocking or suspending these buttons when attacking the principle described in these Conditions.

4 - Deals, Prices, Payment and Delivery

The price at any time is indicated next to the product includes VAT but NOT the costs of handling and shipping.

MilitariaBCN reserves the right to unilaterally change the prices of products without notice. MilitariaBCN can also reward their customers with discounts for prompt payment or cash payment. This discount or rebate will be made freely and voluntarily by MilitariaBCN its sole discretion.

Additional discounts and freebies for ordering quantity or volume will be exclusively collected by MilitariaBCN in his bid and shall be valid until the expiration of the period or the exhaustion of its stock.

The shipping and handling costs will be borne by the customer and will specify to the shopping cart and order. These costs may vary according to a new destination chosen by customers.

To make a purchase is necessary to fill the basket and have proceeded prior to completing the relevant form, then have to issue the order with the final prices of products as well as the approximate time of delivery and payment behavior.

The delivery time depends on the products and the province / country in which you make the shipment and the shipping method chosen. In any case begins to run from that MilitariaBCN receives the order amount or validity of the sale COD. Shipments of goods paid by bank transfer will have three more days of delivery. The delivery of any products purchased goods purchase under these general conditions, is subject to availability MilitariaBCN plan. He made his most expensive efforts in order to make deliveries on schedule, offer or confirmed. However, not acquire any liability for failures to comply with these dates whenever through no fault of MilitariaBCN.

If the delay in delivery is attributable to MilitariaBCN and more than 15 days, it shall, upon written request of the customer, the full refund pre-paid for the goods whose delivery had been delayed. Also not result MilitariaBCN responsible for any lost profits or bad pop, direct or indirect, and your maximum liability in any case is the value of the goods.

If the customer cancels all or part MilitariaBCN orders before the expedition had proceeded from them, MilitariaBCN may require payment of compensation for expenses and procedure, consisting of 4% of the value of the goods rejected. Customers will adhere to any of the terms of payment offered by MilitariaBCN. In the cases that the customer accept as payment pre-payment, it will provide all effects preceding the Client to pay the product after ordering.

Products purchased will have to be paid after acceptance of the final price that will be sent by e-mail, by sending to MilitariaBCN the amount in the same, by any of the selected payment methods.

Once payment is verified by MilitariaBCN begin the ordering process.

After receiving the payment for an order, shall issue MilitariaBCN and send the invoice to the address listed in the subscription, or specified by the customer.

MilitariaBCN endeavor to deliver products in a manner identical to how they are listed on the web. However, providers may vary at times certain features or quantities offered in a batch without notice. They may also vary MilitariaBCN so insubstantial, so without incurring in any kind of responsibility.

A copy of the receipt detailing the entire order merchandise accompanies each shipment. The receiver is obligated to verify that the number of your order and delivery note in this match. It also has to check that the number of items that appears in the carrier's delivery document matches the number of packages delivered.

Upon delivery of the goods, the user must sign the delivery note giving its assent to the supply. User's compliance in the delivery order implies the renunciation of any claim or complaint in respect of the goods ordered and received.

The goods travel to your destination fully insured by MilitariaBCN, while the cost of such insurance included in the price for postage and handling section.

Whether to implement the insurance cost to correct any errors in delivery, is a precondition that is stated in the remarks section of the carrier's delivery document, any impact with respect to the delivered goods or their packaging. It is also essential to communicate this issue in MilitariaBCN within 24 hours via e-mail or telephone.

If these conditions are not met, MilitariaBCN assume any responsibility for this commodity.

5 - Guarantee

The guarantee applies provided the product is used under normal operating conditions determined by the manufacturers. MilitariaBCN is not liable to the user or third party for the consequences of use of the product, whether direct or indirect damages, accidents to persons, damage to property of others to the product, loss of profit or gain, damage arising from impairment or loss of data.

MilitariaBCN not respond in any concept of possible failures or defects in products that could have provided. It will be the manufacturer who meets its guarantee of any damage that the product hold.

MilitariaBCN may unilaterally and at its sole discretion agree to provide the paperwork to the manufacturer's products are out of warranty for the following reasons:

- If you have received, once delivered to the customer, any failure by external events, accidents, poor adherence to guidelines or changes in voltage.
- Do not enter into the guarantee supplied by MilitariaBCN products are added to those supplied by MilitariaBCN.
- If it happens, if the general conditions imposed by a manufacturer for a product so indicate.

6 - Right of Return and Resolution

MilitariaBCN not accept returns on sales of goods that can be reproduced or copied easily and immediately. The return of any goods will require the agreement of both parties. MilitariaBCN reserves the right to claim compensation to offset the potential damage to the goods, as well as to recover the direct costs incurred by the return. MilitariaBCN only accept the return of goods if:

- The period set for this purpose by the Act, the buyer exercises his right of withdrawal. MilitariaBCN accept the exercise of that right solely when the goods were in the same state (not unsealed or installed) that was delivered and ready for sale, with the corresponding original packaging when it was in perfect condition, and having met the requirements described at the point of delivery.
- The merchandise was defective: In this respect MilitariaBCN be in the provisions of the Product Liability Act, and proceeded to immediately replace the product for another with identical conditions and benefits.
- The goods will not be provided within MilitariaBCN previously had indicated in his firm offers
- MilitariaBCN accept the return of the goods when, for reasons attributable to it, the requested product does not correspond to that requested by the client.

These General Conditions will be resolved automatically to the extinction of the Society MilitariaBCN or filing for bankruptcy (voluntary or required), suspension of payments, bankruptcy, general assignment of assets for creditors, have suspended the activities of the society, derelict or wait request, etc..

Under the provisions of the Act to the retail trade as well as regulated by Community legislation (Directive 97/7/EC), MilitariaBCN allow a period of 15 days for the resolution or rescission of the contract.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, and pursuant to MilitariaBCN provisions of the Directive and the Law of Retail Trade, may be considered when requested by the client products were clearly custom made according to customer specifications, or others in your given time, that right does not prevail in resolution or these general conditions prevailing then, the contract of sale Interpart subscribed. This contract will be issued and remitted to CLIENT MilitariaBCN in order to accept the conditions laid out and giving it to these Conditions.

7 - Intellectual Property

The entire contents of which are accessed through the service provided by MilitariaBCN are subject to Intellectual Property Rights and Industrial MilitariaBCN or third parties. This content may not be used, duplicated, distributed, sold, or otherwise exploited for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the prior written consent of prescriptive its owner (MilitariaBCN).

MilitariaBCN also be responsible for trademarks, logos and service marks are incorporated throughout the website and MilitariaBCN owned and owner of all intellectual property rights or industrial or licensee thereof.

All contents and integral parts of the website MilitariaBCN have been included under the principles of good faith, with information derived wholly or partially from sources outside the entity MilitariaBCN why is not responsible in any way for the inaccuracy or updating the content offered.

By contrast all content from internal sources will be properly identified with its copyright. The agency reserves the right or power to make any changes at any time without notice. All content included on the page from domestic sources with the sign identifying the copyright are the sole responsibility of MilitariaBCN.

8 - Data Protection

MilitariaBCN fully aware of the use and treatment should be given to personal data under the existing legal regulations in this regard, it has implanted within your organization have a system to preserve the security, integrity and confidentiality of Data considered personal.

To comply fully well that every attentive requirements of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, guaranteeing a loyal not only legal but personal data and a adequate system to exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition intent on the aforementioned Act.

The recruitment by the users of the services provided on this site, will involve the express consent for the use, processing and transfer of data to all entities directly or indirectly have professional relationships for the provision of this service or GROUP companies might be formed in due course.

MilitariaBCN accommodate all users' personal data in an automated file whose purpose is the management, control, prevention and maintenance of service to be provided.

This file meets all the requirements and guarantees attentive to the rules on Data Protection. MilitariaBCN exclusively collect personal data of users, these at all times be adequate, relevant and not excessive. MilitariaBCN authorized users to try an automated personal data will informant also may contact the Department of Registration MilitariaBCN to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in the direction to this effect differs.

MilitariaBCN is committed to fulfilling its obligation of custody, confidentiality and privacy of transmitted data. MilitariaBCN acquires the commitment to take all security measures imposed by the Data Protection Act at the appropriate level and take the necessary measures to prevent alteration, loss or unauthorized access, taking into consideration the current state of technology .

In this regard see the website Privacy Policy MilitariaBCN

In accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy MilitariaBCN, it is stated that anyone can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and if it happens, opposition by sending an email to post@milità

9 - Legislation

These General Conditions are subject to current legislation in the Spanish state, which will apply in relation to its validity, interpretation, performance and fulfilled. All disputes, claims and controversies regarding the preceding provisions shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with law the rules of the Civil and Commercial Court of Arbitration of Madrid (CIM) to whose rules will be submitted. This award will consist of three arbitrators appointed in accordance with these regulations. If the arbitration is not made by mutual agreement or is declared void, both parties submit to the Courts of the city of Madrid, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction if it were another.

The User declares to have read, understand and accept the General Conditions in its entirety.

Copyright © MilitariaBCN. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part.


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